Joseph Federico

Clifton, NJ


About Joseph Federico, Clifton NJ

Wayne residen Joseph Federico, in his professional roles as Vice President and Director of Operations,  established NJMET as a recognized leader for electronic testing across multiple industries, including the military, commercial, aerospace, industrial, and automotive sectors

NJMET is based in Clifton New Jersey. NJMET has sales offices in Denver and London. The main office and main lab are located in Clifton, NJ.

It was Joseph Federico’s work in researching counterfeit electronic component distribution that drew the highest praise and recognition. Since creating Mission Imposter (R), the world’s first counterfeit detection program, Joseph Federico has been invited by major electronic organizations worldwide to lecture. Joseph Federico holds the distinction of being the first American engineer invited to China, Russia, and Israel to share his expertise in the current counterfeit epidemic. These experiences have prompted Joseph Federico to write the upcoming book, MISSION IMPOSTER (R) The Remedy to Detect Counterfeit Electronic Components. Joseph Federico has been honored with the Israeli ODEM (Diamond) award for his efforts in regards to homeland security and protection against international counterfeit fraud.

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