Joseph Federico

Clifton, NJ

Joseph Federico, Director of Operations

Joseph Federico NJMET Vice President and Director of Operations spoke on “Experiences and Issues from Solvent Marking Testing” at the Components for Military and Space Conference (CMSE) 2016 in Los Angeles.

The focus of Joseph Federico's  presentation was Issues In Authenticating Military Marked Components.  Mr. Federico’s lecture will drew material from experiences with NJMET’s Mission Imposter® Risk Mitigation Program.

NJMET provides testing services on electronic components. The Clifton, NJ based company offers a wide range of tests to help determine the performance and authenticity of parts. These test can be performed on behalf of either the buyer or seller. For more information about NJMET see a presentation recently added to the company's website. The presentation can be viewed as a video at:  or as a PDF at:   Either way view the presentation to learn more about NJMET!

As NJMET Director of Operations Joseph Federico manages  NJ MET's engineering staff, including engineers and engineer techs. Mr. Federico oversees the various procedure NJ MET  uses in testing components. He ensures that NJ MET maintains the various standards and certifications necessary to keep NJ MET current in all relevant standards. See NJ METt's Certifications and Memberhips at

Joseph Federico oversees both corporate giving and charity drives among the staff. See his work at