Joseph Federico

Clifton, NJ

Joseph Federico

Wayne New Jersey resident Joseph Federico, Director of Operations at NJMET oversees the NJMET electronic component test lab.  He supervises the engineers and engineering lab assistants who perform the component testing. Joseph establishes policies to ensure that appropriate quality standards are maintained. The policies are in line with the appropriate Military spec for testing the component.

Joseph also ensures that NJMET practices meet the quality standards set by various relevant outside organizations and trade associations including: SAE International, ERAI, ASTM, and ITAR.

Mr. Federico also represents NJMET at conferences and trade shows. He often speaks at these events on the subject of testing for counterfeit electronic component testing. Most recently, he spoke at the CSME conference in March 2016.  As Director of Operations, Joseph was instrumental in creating NJMET’s Mission Imposter Counterfeit Component Detection Program.

Aside from his duties as Vice President and Director of Operations of NJMET, of Clifton, NJ, Joseph Federico is an active member of his community. Joseph Federico is a mentor to youth in Wayne, NJ. In addition, Joseph Federico contributes his time to coaching school basketball, softball, and soccer teams. A Confraternity of Christian Doctrine (CCD) Instructor for 18 years, Joseph Federico has served as a spiritual advisor to the children of his fellow Catholic parishioners. In addition, Joseph Federico contributes to over a dozen charities, including the March of Dimes; the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute; and Walk MS, an event benefiting the National MS Society.

NJMET takes pride in its charitable works which are spearheaded by Joseph. NJMET is taking part again in the March of Dimes New York City March for Babies.  Mr. Federico has also spearheaded drives for supplies to aid refugees in Sri-Lanka.

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